Bulkhead Split System 15g


You clean your table, you clean your floor, you clean your bathroom. When was the last time you cleaned the air conditioning unit and vents? What’s in the air you’re breathing?

Bulkhead Split System is specially designed to keep your air-conditioner clean by preventing the growth of mould. Mould growth increases the severity of asthma and can cause nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation.

Stopping mould growth means cleaner, fresher air for your home or office. Preventing mould means better health for you and your family.

Lasts between 4-8 weeks*
Designed to be compact to fit in any Split System Air Conditioner.
Lightweight: weighs less than 20g.
Simple notch based design means it will only take seconds to use or replace.

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