Are the products safe to touch?
Touching the products with hands is not recommended. Unless hands are washed properly immediately afterwards, a person may inadvertently touch their eyes and transfer some product to their eye, causing mild irritation. No skin reactions are known or have been reported. Always use product as directed.
Are the products safe for pets?
The products were designed to be safe for people and pets. As microbe numbers are greater within 30cm above ground level, the air space around pets will be purified. This not only creates a safer environment for pets, but also dramatically reduces pet odours.
How do I dispose of the finished product?
All products are biodegradable. The Air Purifier Tub pellets can be disposed of in garbage bins. Please place all plastic packaging in recycling bins.
What is the returns policy?
We do not accept returns for change of mind. Any items that arrive broken or faulty will be replaced when notified within 7 days of receipt. If you’re unsatisfied with the product, please send us an email clearly stating the reasons and provide photo evidence if appropriate. We will assess your situation within 2 weeks and determine validity of request. Every request will be handled in good faith, however we do reserve the right to decline a return if deemed unreasonable.
Can I order wholesale?
We welcome wholesale opportunities. Please fill in your details on our contact us page and we will connect with you within 48 hours.
What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be viewed here.

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Purifier Gel FAQ

1. Where does this product comes from

PUREFOLIO is an Australian invention, sourced and made in Australia, and fully imported from Australia.

2. What does this gel do?


  • kill germs, neutralizes bacteria, neutralizes mould and even neutralizes viruses including covid-19
  • improves health and wellbeing, reduces sinus, removes triggers for asthma and other respiratory conditions


  • kill germs, neutralizes bacteria, neutralizes mould and even neutralizes viruses including covid-19
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Improves air circulation within the aircon
  • reduced electricity costs by preventing build-up in aircon, thereby allowing aircon to run more efficiently
  • 24/7 protection in the premises against covid-19
  • reduce micro bio-burden for every staff member and guest within the office
  • improve staff health and wellbeing and reduces MC
  • reduces mould in the internal areas and hence reduces the need for toxic cleaners
  • reduce unpleasant odours, replacing it with a natural fresh air scent


  • kill germs, neutralizes bacteria, neutralizes mould and even neutralizes viruses including covid-19
  • improves indoor air quality
  • prolongs the shelf life of vegetables and fruits for up to 3-4 weeks by controlling microbial life
  • reduce unpleasant odours, replacing it with a natural fresh air scent
  • provide fresh clean air continuously 24/7
  • 24/7 protection for whole family

3. How do you know that it is effective?

PUREFOLIO Air Purifier Tub is made from 100% plant actives, it is proven to effectively neutralize bacteria, mould and even Covid-19 virus by highly respected EUROFINS laboratory. Absolutely effective, safe, non-toxic and food safe certified. It has passed TGA Covid 19 test which demonstrated efficacy results of 99.975% kill within 10 minutes.

PUREFOLIO Air Purifier Tub can naturally neutralise and eradicate airborne microorganisms, such as bacteria, mould and fungal spores, thereby significantly reducing odour, mould contamination and dust mites in any enclosed environment.

4. Where should I put the gel?

We recommend that you have at least one in every room in your home, because it will help to purify the air in a safe and non-toxic way. It can neutralize the bacteria and mould in the air, and prevent the virus from attaching to host microorganisms, such as bacteria. This will disarm the virus and prevent it from multiplying.

Ideally place one in the living room and one in each room and bathroom. Humid areas, such as bathrooms are usually a favourite place for mould to grow, so it is recommended to place it in there as well.

The gel works effectively in cupboards and storage areas. Keeps clothes and shoes clean, fresh and protected from mould and bacteria.

5. How much space can it cover?

Basically, the gel will follow where the airflow flows. Test results show that the gel evaporation can cover an area from between 500sq feet to 1000sq feet.

6. How long can it last?

Typically lasts between 6-8 weeks depending on the air velocity, environment and surrounding temperature.

7. How does it work?

PUREFOLIO Air Purifier Tub is made from 100% pure plant actives, which is proven to effectively prevent the reproduction of bacteria, mould and Covid-19 virus. Absolutely effective, safe, non-toxic, non-irritating and naturally deodorising.

Generally, all chemical disinfectants and chloride used to kill bacteria, will cause the bacteria to die and release harmful residue. These residues are harmful to humans.

The SAN-AIR technology used in the PUREFOLIO Air Purifier Tub uses a soft kill approach to dealing with harmful microbes in the air. When it encounters bacteria/mould/virus in the air, it will envelope the bacteria/mould/virus, blocking them from infecting the air and naturally causing them to die without the release of any toxic residue. It truly achieves effective sterilization, non-toxic, harmless, and non-chemical effects.

8. The Gel is so expensive…..

In fact, PUREFOLIO Air Purifier Tub is very affordable if compared to other air purification solutions. We have a powerful air purifying effect with the cost of RM0.03-RM0.04 per meter square for commercial purpose.

For family home use, you only need RM2 a day to provide you and your family with a cleaner environment and effectiveness against covid-19 virus. It is just the price of a can of Coca-Cola a day, do you think is expensive?

9. I can’t accept too strong scent, what does it smell like?

PUREFOLIO Air Purifier Tub is 100% pure plant fragrance, the smell is really nice and very fresh! Many have likened it to the scent of fresh air or clean air.

10. Which country it is certified?

The gel was invented 12 years ago in Australia.

It was not developed initially because of covid-19. Previously, it was developed for the purpose of neutralizing mould and bacteria in a safe and natural way. Currently, the product featuring the active ingredients that are in the gel, has been listed by Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA) as effective against Covid-19. Numerous independent lab tests have shown that it is very effective against bacteria and mould as well.

The founder Daniel has extensive regulatory experience in TGA, APVMA, EC, FDA, USEPA, Thailand FDA, Malaysian Ministry of Health and Australian Department of Trade. In addition, he has been a member of AIRAH for more than 10 years.

11. I have skin allergy, am I suitable to use it?

Generally, it won’t cause any harmful effects to anyone as our gel is made of 100% natural plant actives, it is akin to walking in the jungle and breathing with all the plants around. However, if there are any issues during the time of use, you are advised to seek the doctors’ advice.

12. What are the features of the product?

It is 100% safe, 100% natural, food safe certified and able to neutralize all airborne and surface microbes in comes in contact with.

What are the product range that is available now?

Please click the below link to view our current products in store: https://purefolio.com.my/products/

Certificates and Testimonials of our gel

Please visit below page for more testimonials, case studies and test results: https://purefolio.com.my/science/

AIA Covid-19 Axxess Insurance Coverage FAQ

  • Which is the Insurance Company underwriting the AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C ?
    This insurance policy is under-written by AIA General Berhad one of the leading insurance companies in Malaysia
  • Can I cancel my Insurance cover and get a refund?
    You may cancel your insurance by providing the Insurer written notice. There shall be no refund of premium by the Insurer, the Partner offering the benefit or Shieldcard Holdings Sdn Bhd.
  • Is it compulsory to put beneficiary details?
    As per Government regulations all persons should be given the option to nominate beneficiary upon purchasing an insurance policy. You may choose not to nominate. In our customer information webpage click “No”


  • Who is eligible to be covered by the AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C?
    All Malaysian residents (including foreign nationals legally residing in Malaysia), who have met the minimum threshold established by our Partners in accordance with the Terms & Conditions established by the Partners.
  • Is there any age restriction for this Insurance?
    All persons from age of one (1) month to sixty-five (65) years are eligible to be covered by this Insurance policy.
  • Are there any documents or medical report needed before I can purchase this Insurance?
    No health declaration form or medical report is required to obtain coverage.
  • If I have travelled overseas recently, am I eligible for coverage by this Insurance?
    You are eligible for coverage. There are no travel restrictions.
  • Is there any limitation to coverage for frontline workers with increased risk to Covid-19?
    There is no restriction on frontline staff with increased risk to Covid-19 infection to be insured by this plan. General exclusions applicable are given in the Policy. The insurance covers persons up to the age of 65 years.
  • What happens if the person attains age of 66 during the coverage period?
    Does the coverage terminate immediately? No. The coverage will remain in force until expiry of the policy.
  • There is an exclusion on “Pre-Existing Condition”. What does this mean?
    It means an illness or condition (such as Covid-19) that occurred before the effective date of coverage. For Covid-19 it includes pending Covid-19 test results when coverage begins.


  • What is the period of coverage under this Insurance?
    The period of coverage is one (1) month
  • Under the AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C, what am I protected for and the benefits that will be paid?
    In summary:Hospitalisation due to Covid-19 – Cash and/or Benefits worth RM1,000.00
    Death due to Covid-19 – Cash pay-out of RM5,000.00
    Death due to Accident – Cash pay-out of RM5,000.00The AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C is an insurance policy offering you the following coverage and benefit:

    i. If you are diagnosed in Malaysia as a person with laboratory confirmation of infection with the COVID-19 and require confinement in a hospital, the Insurer will offer you Cash and/or Benefits to the value of RM1,000.00
    ii. If you are diagnosed in Malaysia as a person with laboratory confirmation of infection with the COVID-19, which shall within 365 days of diagnosis result in death as a result of Covid-19, the Insurer will pay your Nominee or the Estate, Cash of RM5,000.00
    iii. If you sustain accidental bodily injury caused by accident which results in death within 365 days after the accident the Insurer will pay your Nominee or the Estate, Cash of RM5,000.00

  • What do you mean by up to RM6,000 cash payout?
    If you are hospitalized for Covid-19 and suffer death as a result of Covid-19 or Accident the total amount paid by the Insurer (in terms of Cash and/or Benefits) will be RM6,000.00
  • When is the Policy effective date assuming I subscribe to the Insurance today?
    Policy effective date will be day following which you registered for the AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C. As an example, if you subscribed on 1st February 2021, the effective date will be 2nd February 2021.
  • Is there any waiting period before I am eligible for the benefits?
    There will be a waiting period of the first seven (7) days from the effective date before the insured person is eligible for Covid-19 benefits for hospitalization or death.

    For Accidental Death there is no waiting period.

  • Does this policy cover worldwide?
    This policy only covers Malaysia.
  • After I subscribed, how would I know that I have been covered for this Insurance?
    Once you have registered for AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C on AXXESS microsite at www.axxess.com.my/covid19partners.php, you will receive an immediate email notification with your policy number, effective date and expiry date of the policy and other relevant information.
  • Can the policy be renewed at the end of the 1-month period?
    This is non-renewable Insurance. However, you may register for a new policy when your present cover expires, by patronising our participating partners business/offerings and qualifying for the protection based on partners prevailing terms & conditions.
  • Does the Death benefit cover me even after my policy has ended?
    If the accident causing bodily injury (for Accidental Death Benefit) or laboratory confirmation of infection with Covid-19 (for COVID-19 Death Benefit), occurs within the 1-month coverage period, and shall result in death within 365 days from the date of the accident or laboratory confirmation of infection as applicable, the Insurer will pay the death benefit.


  • Currently I have personal health insurance that has extended coverage for Covid-19. Can I claim from both AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C and another policy?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I register for more than one AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C?
    No, you can’t. Every member is entitled to only one AXXESS – COVID-19 Protect C Insurance protection.
  • What is the procedure for a claim?
    For Personal Accidental/COVID-19 Death Claims, physical claim documents are required to be submitted. For COVID-19 Hospitalisation, claimants are given allowance for an email submission. All payments will be made by the Insurer directly to the insured or beneficiary. Payment for hospitalisation benefit, either in the form of Cash and/or Benefit (depending on terms and conditions of the partner extending the benefit) will be done to the Insured. Payment for death benefit will be made to the Nominee or the Estate.For assistance, you may contact :-
    a) AXXESS Customer Care Hotline – 1300 30 2010
    b) AIA Online Customer Service via WhatsApp/Email – 019 629 9660 / my.aiaonline@aia.com
  • What are the documents required to support the claim for hospitalization?
    For Covid-19 hospitalization the claim shall include Covid-19 specific tests and hospital admission certification from hospitals identified by the Ministry of Health.
  • What are the documents required to support a death claim?
    For death due to Covid-19 the claim shall include Covid-19 specific tests, death certificate, copy of Identity Card and proof of relationship with Insured. For Accidental Death the claim shall include police report, hospital certificate, post mortem report, death certificate, copy of Identity Card and proof of relationship with Insured.
  • How long can I wait before making a claim?
    For Covid-19, claims must be made within 30 days. For Accidental Death immediate notice of claim must be given.
  • Can I submit a laboratory confirmation or medical report from another country for a claim?
    No. This product coverage is only effective for Malaysia. Any accident, laboratory confirmation of Covid-19, medical reports, hospitalization or death must occur within Malaysia.
How do I get covered with AIA Covid-19 Axxess Insurance?

In order to be covered by AIA Axxess Covid-19 Insurance just purchase Package A to F below to get covered!

Or https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/purefolio/
Or https://shopee.com.my/purefolio.official


Hi! You may click below to send in any enquiries and we shall get back to you in 48 hours.


Thanks! And have a nice day! Protect yourself from Covid-19 with PureFolio.